Recently we met with TORCH and learnt some new skills from Prof Gascia Ouzounian who explained about her research methods and what we could do to narrow down our own research, she also gave us some ideas on how we could present the evidence we find.

Over the past few weeks we have been working out what facts and figures we want to gather, what comparisons we want to make and how we are going to source the relevant information.

We have explored ideas of evidencing the first experiences of young women entering musical spaces, what are their access points? How accessible is it to make music when you are 13/14 years old? 

What barriers still stop women with more experience from moving forward? Is there enough visibility at every level? Again, how accessible is it to follow a career path in live sound, tour management, promotion? 

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Research begins.

During the third sessions at Changing Herstory we talked about what we can expect in future sessions. There was a discussion that was about what are trying to achieve in these training sessions and sexism in the music industry. Later on we talked about research, the different ways we can research then we researched our own on the topic of sexism in the music industry.

I read a few articles from newspapers online, I found that not only is there a lot of discrimination towards women (more than I thought), but the songs that male artists have made that are sexist and condone rape, are allowed to go into the charts because they are from popular artists and they are catchy (which I find even worse).

I hope to develop my confidence and gain leadership skills through this project.

More to come next week.

Christina Robinson

What is a leader?

Last night was the second #changingherstory session - a project aiming to break the impacts of sexism that limit women in the music industry. I am helping to write the training programme, yesterday we explored the qualities within leadership and shared empowering female leaders that we look up to, and how we can apply these skills when directing our training programme. Everyone shared different women that influence them - from mentors and teachers, to music artists and fashion designers

I find it really inspiring listening to the experiences of others and we can use each other’s ideas to guide and lead this project as a group - I feel that I will learn a lot through project.

See you next week!

Hannah Schofield


Changing Herstory Notebooks

Earlier this week I attended the first #ChangingHerstory session, which is an exciting, new project for YWMP in 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.10.06.png

I am working both as the graphics designer, and helping to create a training program that breaks down barriers for women within the music industry. 

The amazing Zahra, Dario and Mona managed to create these little notebooks from the banner that I designed for the project. They are made using a risoprinter and reclaimed paper from old gig posters, meaning they are filled with some wonderful artwork too! So pleased with them. 

The group was a really great mix of women, who I am sure I will learn a lot from, as everyone will bring their own experiences and contributions to the project. 

Roll on next week's meeting!

Harriet Speed

Whats it all about?

Yesterday evening we were joined by Tracy Walsh from The RED Learning Co-op: Research, Education and Development to start the ball rolling with our Changing Herstory Project.
Over the upcoming weeks we are going to continue working with Tracy and TORCH - The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities to build skills in leadership and research so we can create a training programme to prompt systemic change in the industry by demonstrating how sexism impacts women in music.