We are next level excited to announce that we HAVE reached our target!!!! 

It may not look like it via the crowdfunder page but we have had an overwhelming response outside of it which has tipped us over target. A donor appeared after watching the segment on BBC South Today and has given a total of 8k to this venture, we have received donations at our shows, private collections have been made by different communities, some money has come in via PayPal, and of course on the crowdfunder page itself. 

This campaign has also opened up so many opportunities with other funding streams to keep our activities afloat in 2019! We are seriously overwhelmed and cannot thank every single one of you enough for the sharing, gig hosting, performing, printing, designing, donating and sending good vibes towards this project! 

It really does prove that sometimes you’ve just got to ask for help, otherwise people will never know you’re struggling. You have really helped change so many lives with this, we are finally going to have our own space to thrive in. 🏠👊

thanks for your money.jpg