It’s been a long time but we are back with a bang!


Saturday 9th March 2019
1 Aristotle Lane

To celebrate International Women's Day 2019, we are proud to present WO-MAN-ITY, an Oxfordshire based festival curated by youth empowerment charity Young Women's Music Project based this year at Makespace. Through performances, workshops and talks, WO-MAN-ITY provides a forum for people of all genders and ages to come together to create, learn and discuss gender-based issues that affect our day-to-day lives. Fully Accessible. All welcome. Sign up on the day.


A Woman With A Dream In The Developing World
Asmaa is a Master of Public Policy candidate from Egypt. She is a peadiatric doctor by training. Asmaa is focusing on tropical diseases because they remain the most prevalent diseases in developing countries. She holds an MSc of International Health and Tropical Medicine (MSc IHTM) from Oxford and a Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTMH) from the Royal College of Physicians, London.

Asmaa will de discussing the story of her life and reflect on what the life of women in the developing world look like, especially if she has a dream. She will highlight how the life of a woman is painted on her behalf by the community and what it takes to let her draw her own painting in such a community.

Human Rights Are Women’s Rights
In a world still plagued by conflict, poverty and natural disasters, there has never been a greater call for the enforcement of human rights. However, the common discourse and implementation of human rights policies often fail to consider the gendered issues that women face in the developing world. This workshop seeks to evaluate how human rights should be considered and implemented to recognise the problems that directly impact women in areas of conflict or economic instability.

Lead by a Daniella Duncalf, a member of YWMP for almost 6 years who attended the very first WO-MAN-ITY in 2013 and has looked forward to it every year ever since.


I Sing Electric: Voice Masterclass with Bishi by WITCiH
A creative singing masterclass with BISHI

Bishi is a British, London-based, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, multimedia performer, producer, composer and DJ of Bengali heritage.

Black Feminism as Intersectionality
An exploration into the roots of black feminism and intersectionality and more.
Lead by Janine Francois - Writer, Academic & Agitator and cryingoverbrexit - Oxford-based student studying human rights law, currently frustrating multiple white men with her opinions on the nonexistent concept of reverse racism.

This Girl Makes
THIS GIRL MAKES is a multi-dimensional project that started as a blog in 2016. Taking inspiration from the THIS GIRL CAN movement, the initiative celebrates women in the craft and design industries, in pursuit of removing outdated views of gendered job roles. It also strives to educate and inspire a new generation of makers, as well as highlighting how making can provide women with resilience and independence.

A reflective workshop that hopes to inspire and motivate participants, as they explore what skills and resources they have that can help them overcome life’s challenges. A relaxing session that will involve discussion and collage.

Arma Sign language
This workshop will teach you how to sign a R.E.S.P.E.C.T by Aretha Franklin in British sign language.

Chloe Armatrading has been learning sign language since she was 13. Her brother was born profoundly deaf and signs so that is where her passion comes from. She has been teaching for just over two years, now delivering workshops for police cadets, brownies and also teaching staff at Blenheim Palace. Her aim is to educate as many people as possible about sign language.


Feminist Ceramic Badge Making
Sabali Pots - Makespaces very own Community Pottery Studio is joining forces with YWMP to create feminist ceramic badges, come and get your hands dirty cutting some shapes and help raise money for Oxford’s Young Women’s Music Project

DIY Patch Pockets
Pockets rule. Come and join dungaree makers Lisa Made It and Inês to make some pockets and sew them onto everything you own. They’ll bring the fabrics, you bring the love.


With her smoky, seductive voice; chilled neo-soul vibes and slow trip-hop grooves, Tiece is guaranteed to grab your attention.

A sound that is immersive from sensual to soulful.

Influenced by a combination of old school songstresses such as Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith, as well as experimental Jazz artists such as Weather report and Chick Corea. Striving to use sound and space alongside lyricism to draw listeners into new realms and escapism.

Anna McCrae
Synth Dream Pop artist with a heavy majority of my music being melodramatic and melancholic.


Oxford Poetry Library

Oxford Against Cutting

Lunchtime For The Wild Youth

Crafting The Revolution

Crust - Oxfordshire-based street food stall, bringing you Neapolitan-inspired vegan pizza across the UK.

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